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Starting January 1, 2018, all sellers of single-family homes in Portland, Oregon are required to obtain and disclose a Home Energy Report estimating the energy related use, associated costs, and cost-effective solutions to improve the home’s efficiency.


As a home energy assessor, I will gather and calculate relevant data to form a home energy score for your home. What this means:

I walk your house and collect data on the home’s envelope (foundation, insulation, walls, windows, etc.) as well as its heating, cooling and hot water systems.

How you operate the house and non-permanent house feature such as lighting, home electronics and appliances are not included in the Home Energy Score calculations. The Home Energy Score assumes standard operating conditions in order to allow your home and others to be compared, independent of occupant behavior. 

Once all data is collected I will calculate a “score” for you based on a 1-10 scale and deliver this to you within 24 hours. The score will then be entered into the Portland Green Building database and becomes public information.  


Home energy scores provide home owners and buyers with directly comparable and credible information about a homes-energy use. Homes will be scored on a ten-point scale, with “1” being a high energy use home with less energy efficiency, and “10” showing lower energy use and is a physically more energy-efficient, home.

This standardized score will allow you to compare homes and their energy efficiency. A home energy score is comparable to the miles-per-gallon rating on cars: it conveys information about what a house’s estimated energy use is, based on the physical characteristics of the home and its systems. Like a miles-per-gallon rating, however, actual usage and costs may differ from what the home’s energy report shows.


Information from the City of Portland

Portland Home Energy Score Resource Center